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It all started in 1976. Back to work at the cement plant, after recoving from a hockey moment, I lost interest in the job in a short time and found myself in need of work. Rita's sister's boyfriend offer a postion in the service shop of a trucking company. I took a look, at this service shop and I became quite concerned for my safety. I declined. A mention was made of EURO Auto Parts.

That afternoon I was offered a position, THE DRIVER, pickups and the opposite of pickups. I could start that day. But the next day was fine. This began the story of my story. The story of starting at the bottom and going to the top of the middle. I became a counter person soon after my duties as driver. The guy behind the counter, the one who sold you exhaust valves for your TR4 or a set of 010 rod bearing for your Volvo 140 with the B20 motor. At first I could not find anything. I did not know how to read. But slowly I became aware of which parts book to pick up. I became so good at reading, I was elected to become the First New Sales Guy. On the road again for the first time,this led to a lead of a new position that may opening up. I became the new parts guy and the new sales guy at Campart Distributors. A new firm in town that sold the same stuff that Euro did. A large raise also was included in the new job. It was during my stay, I was offered a newer job with another firm, Tarani Auto Parts, another new player in the foreign auto parts world. This also included counter work and sales, as well as more money. I was getting to the middle. But alas, the middle became the bottom. My newest position became obsolete. Where would I go? Back to Euro or Camparts or a new line of work. Camparts it was. Business became so good, a new sales guy was hired and soon after the old counter and sales guy was no longer working. Found new employment back at Euro. And back to the middle. Time did not stand still and neither did I. Time to resign. Applied for a position with the Goverment. Two weeks later got my first check. Duties of the job were quite simple. File a form by mail, open the front door, open the letter and deposit the check. Things could have not been better. then the contract ran out. What to do? Why yes, call ABM British Auto and get parts for the MGB. Next thing you know, I become the new counter guy at ABM British Auto. I had found my line of work. The new job dealt with just British Motorcars. As I had an MGB, and knew nothing about British cars, this was the perfect gig. A few years went by and ABM British Auto became British Motor Group. More years went by and sad to say, British Motor Group pulled down the garage door. During my time in seeking new employment, and a web page was born. "Henry's Old Parts Sale" Upon hearing the garage door was closing, Jerome built the first "Henry's Old Parts Sale" page. Not too many listings, but it was a start in the next chaper of my assocition with British Motorcars. Every intention was made to expand the list with old inventory. Time goes by, once again seeking work. But where. Why yes, back at Euro Auto. My new position, take an engine apart or something apart and put in a giant vat of the Devil's juice. And on it when. But wait there is more. Once again I moved to the front counter and on the road again. Happy days. Except for the monies. I was between the bottom and the middle. And once again lost my position, due to the rising cost of waste within the company.

Now out on the streets. No job, where do I work? Oh ya, work for the Goverment. Yes got a job with the Goverment again with same duties. This time I could fill the form by phone. The contract was good for a while. Then the contract ran out. Guess what? Yes, that is right. Became the NEW PARTS DRIVER at EURO PARTS. What a trip. But once again I become a victim of the times. Would the Goverment rehire me? Yes they would. Oh joy!!

But again the contract ran out. Now where? Euro is no more. Campart is no more. ABM British is no more. British Motor Group is no more. Visiting old customers from days gone by, one day, paid a visit to Hawkins Auto Service. Turns out, someone is moving. Do you need help, I ask? Sure, was the answer. The result of my help turned into a job with Hawkins Auto Service. Another turn in the story. A new adventure, a new repair house for British Cars. Sports Car Centre. Plied my trade, but alas, not enough capital gains. Once again on the streets. The Goverment was not hiring. Where to? Hawkins Auto Service, that's where. And once again lost the battle with the dollar. But the goverment was hiring again. Lucky me. Once again the contract run out. Time to work. Gotta eat. How about part time? Don't eat that much. Became the new tool behind the steering wheel at EC Automotive and Machining.And guess what? EC was the company that bought Euro Auto Parts and I became the driver. How about that? But, things change. One day I was on duty and found myself loading and unloading cylinder heads. There were a large number of heads that day. Came home that day after work. Sat on the couch, got up, and then it happened. I could not move. Each and every move caused great pain. I know that whoever reads this may know about this or someone who has gone through this. Hours turn into days and days turn into weeks, about four or five. I made a phone call to EC and asked to be let go. I was unable to contine my work. I was sure I would suffer another back problem. EC was kind enough to lay me off. More work with the goverment. Once again I was working for the Goverment of Canada. And once again it was better than before. But say to type, the contract run out. What to do? I made some calls and found myself at Hawkins Auto Service once again. What a great place to ply my trade. I could read, I could use the intergoogle, I was home. But, once again, the dollar came into the picure. And once again I found myself without work. This time there was no contract with the Goverment of Canada. This time I found that I did not need to work. Over all those years of plying my trade, somehow I found my savings had grown, like that guy from ING always states. "Save your Money" At present I am reaping the rewards of not so hard work from the past, more like, doing what one enjoys and somehow ending up here. Please tell those who are not reading this, to read this and "Henry's Old Parts Sale" will have a happy ending. One day, I will not have all these Brit Bits that I do not need. In order to use these bits, I would have to buy another LBC.

Cheers, Henry


2012-February UPDATE by Jerome: See the original Henry's Old Parts Story recovered from our digital vaults for your reading pleasure.