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My Original Parts Story
from Jerome's Sunbeam Pages
November 1997

Pick a marque if you're not a story reader. Sunbeam   Rover   Mini   Triumph   Jaguar   MG
An Introduction... Over the past many years, we have come to collect, just too much stuff. You may ask what is all this stuff? A list of the items we have will follow this very long story. Is a story of how we ended up with all this stuff needed? Yes! No! Who will make this decision? As captain of this enterprise, I must make this decision. How does one weigh the facts in order to arrive at the correct answer? How long before, you the reader, decide that reading this, is a complete waste of time. Yours and mine. But do not hang up!

Our arrival in this time zone began in l988. It was then, British Motor Group got its first part. Then its second, then its third, then soon after our first bill. Do we have that first part? Yes and No. We do have a number of items from the good old days still hanging around from a business we bought. The only item that comes to mind is a Brand New, I repeat, a Brand New Crankshaft for a TR 7. How much is this item? You will have to look! Or shall we start the bidding at l0,000 pennies? Or shall we trade for that XK l20 FHC we always wanted? Wait! We have a XK l20 FHC. It must be something else. What have you got? We will accept anything of reason. Be it new shoes, bulbs for our lamp or that box of car parts you have in your garage. I could go on and on and on and on and on and on but I would think, it is time to list the stuff.

Our first list of stuff, but you ask, what about the story? There is no story. Yes, there is a story, but the names of the innocent would have to be changed. There is no room or time to change all the names that have been involved with British Motor Group. During the last ten years we have collected parts that were once fast moving items. But alas, these are not so fast moving in our time zone. Perhaps in your time zone these bits will find a home to keep that marque of yours on the road and on to futher adventure, such as the one we find ourseleves in. Let us begin our list at long last.

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We begin with Sunbeam parts. Not too many, but maybe, just maybe something you may require and find our prices so low, you have to buy them. Even if you don't need it now, you may down the road. And if you do need it now, you can get on the road that much sooner.

Brakes! We all need brakes. We have a number of front brake pads for Series I Alpine. What would you pay? Can I ask? Will you answer? How about $20.00 a set. That is in Canuck Bucks. Heck, we will even eat the tax. Shipping is a different story. How different? It remains to be seen. Buy all our stuff, we can work out something. Buy only one item and we charge you the freight. Brakes! Again brakes! We have two, just two, rear wheel cylinders to help you stop your l964 to l965 Series IV Alpine. And these are new, brand new or is it new old stock? How much? Once again only $20.00 each. Is this to much? I think not. It does not matter how fast you go, it matters that you stop.

Let us stop with the brakes. Let us shock you instead. That is right. Rear shocks, Armstrong, the ones made in England. The land where your Alpine began life. These will fit the back of your Series IV or V. And for the low price of $35.00 each you can keep your rear end from sagging. Maybe you need something else if your rear end really is sagging. But shocks will help your Alpine. Speaking of clutch disc. We have a disc to fit 67 to 69 Series V. If you need one in a clutch, this will set you back $35.00 Canuck Bucks.

Valve job, valve job, valve job. How do I get a valve job? How much will this valve job cost. Do I need anything to help with the valve job? Yes! As with all valve jobs, you must start with whats inside and how good or bad are these parts are and how long will they hold up? If you are looking to get a valve job one day and who isn't, you may need some intake valves. In stock, 2 only intake valve to fit l725cc Alpine. Is $ll.00 per unit too much? We also have a valve cover gasket to go with those valves and only for 6 Canuck Bucks. Stay tuned for more sales items to come on line in our next installment.

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Our next instalment!

This instalment is shorter than the last one. But the one after this is longer. Rover, Rover stuff, not much here but we do have a couple of timing cover seals for a 2000 TC at the modest price of 6 Canuck Bucks each.

Doing that valve job thing again? Four intake valves for 2000 TC, only, I repeat, only 9 Canuck Bucks each.

Any 3 litre Rovers out there? Do you need a pan gasket? Do you need two pan gaskets? Do you need three? Don't have three, but do have two. These will go fast at only 15 Canuck Bucks each. That is it for Rover stuff, but wait, we know a fellow who sells Landrover stuff and sells his wares for a very, I repeat, a very, once again, a very low price, also in Canuck Bucks. Let us know what you need for your Landrover and we can get back to you. His stuff is new, brand new from the UK, also tonnes of used stuff.

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Once again, another installment, this time Mini Bytes, that should be Mini Bits.

I have been bitten by a Mini, just once, but once is enough. Speaking of being bitten. Do your brakes bite? We have brake kits. Brake master kit for later Mini at only 30 Canuck Bucks per box. A later Mini! What does later mean? Oh yeah, came after the Copper and the 850 and all those early ones. Early ones? Any old 850's out there? Do you need a brake kit for the master cylinder? Do you? Do you? Check out this price! Less than 10 Bucks. As a matter of fact, they are only 5 Bucks each. Need a front wheel cylinder kit for your 850? In stock for only 2 Bucks. What a deal! Having trouble turning your later Mini left or right? In stock, front signal lamp assembly for 65 Canuck Bucks. Still having trouble turning? Left and right rear lens in stock. Only 25 Bucks a unit. These are the real Lucas Units, in real Lucas boxes, made with real Lucas plastic. Once again, valve job, valve job, where do I get a valve job? Here in the capital of Alberta, Canada, I could help you with that answer. But in your part of the world, I can only help with the bits. Intake valves for 850 at 6 Bucks each. Exhaust valve for 997 Cooper for only 15 Bucks. Intake valve for 997 Cooper for only 7 Bucks each. Intake valve for your, once again later Mini, 7 Bucks each. Any Austin America's out there? Intake valve for same, only 10 Canuck Bucks. Exhaust guides for later Mini, WOW, only 3 Bucks per unit. Last, a set of main bearings in 010 for your Mini 1000, at only 20 Bucks for the set. Is this cheap, or what?

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Once again, the other other installment. This time TR7. This is the stuff for that famous British Invention, the Wedge. The car that could slice and dice the wind, the car with room for two and a small bag in the boot. Or is that what you did to get the passenger in? Or was it to get the passenger out. What a blast to drive! What a blast to fix the H2O pump. Who came up with this idea? Must be the same guy who cut the Stag engine in two. I want to meet him. Just kidding, no I don't. All in all, it is not that bad of a car. My son has one, well actually, he has one sitting in the shop. Waiting for spring, so he can go somewhere, anywhere, just please go. You know how kids are. Where do we start?

How about brakes? Can't start but you can stop. If you can't start, why would you need brakes? One day, you will start and you will need brakes. Therefore, rear wheel cylinder for TR7 with 4 speed and also for TR8. Is 45 Bucks too much for the price of safety? Rear wheel cylinder kits for TR7 with 4 speed. 5 whole Canuck Bucks each. Brake master kit for 4 speed model at the unreal price of 10 Bucks. Now you have brakes, but still can't start. Maybe a set of ignition wires will help. TR7 wire set at only 10 cheap Canuck Bucks a box. TR8 wire set at, WOW, 15 Bucks. Ignition rotor for TR8, 15 Bucks. So now, it stops and it starts but your clutch is acting up. Maybe your slave cylinder needs new rubbers. We have kits to resolve this. At 8 Bucks per box get some for your buddies. Clutch disc the problem? We can help. Laylock disc for TR7 four speed at 50 Bucks. Got the gearbox out? Maybe the front seal is leaking? Change it now! Brand new seal, never used, should be sold, buy them for 5 Bucks each. Give them as gifts at Christmas. Everyone needs a gearbox seal for a TR7, even if they don't have one. OK, now it starts and stops. But the engine is making, a noise. What kind of noise? Maybe the main engine bearings will need replacing when the crank is machined. We have std size and undersize in stock at 32 Canuck Bucks a box. Maybe the rings are the problem. You should never wear rings when working on anything, just a safety reminder. We have a set of standard rings for your 7 at 50 Bucks, comes in a Hasting package. Doing the rings? How about those valves? What about those valves? Maybe you need them because your chain broke and they got bend. Exhaust valves for 16 bucks each, intake valves for 10 bucks each. Now we come to the bidding on that TR7 crank, still new, still not in the box, still available for sale. Send me 130 Canuck Bucks and off it goes. Send me more and off it goes. Send me even more and off it goes with bearings. What a deal! Having trouble seeing in the dark? We have headlight relays. These are Lucas, in Lucas boxes at Lucas prices. 30 Canuck Bucks per unit.

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And now for something completely different. Jaguar stuff. Do you think I was going into footwear? Or maybe, something about the Canadian Football League. Or maybe Jaguar stuff is different from most other stuff that fits most other British Cars. Only thing that comes to mind are the points and condenser and the engine oil and the stuff that goes in the front thing with the water. But you may ask, go ahead and ask. What about the air for the carbs? OK, same air as for all British Cars. Except for some air in some countries that really isn't air as we know it but the same as the air on Mars. OK maybe not Mars but have you been there? I have and I can tell it is darn close to the stuff in Taiwan or those other Far East places or should that be those Far Side Places? Air for carbs.

What a lead-in. We have carb kits for all sorts of Jags. We have them for old XK 120 and 140 and 150 and as well as 3.8 E Types and Mk 2. These kits are made somewhere, you have to guess. Guess England, you might be right. Guess how much. You are darn close. These kits are only 30, that right, only 30 Canuck Bucks per kit. Don't wait, these make great Xmas gifts. I would think, seeing a carb kit hanging from the tree would get my Xmas juices flowing. Speaking of juices. Always check your oil, and if it is not the right shade of oil, maybe the head gasket is gone. Need gaskets? Glad you asked. Head set for 3.8 E Type only 100 Bucks. Pan set for same only 40 Bucks. Head gasket for early V12, sedan and that E Type thing, left and right same price. Only 31 Bucks. So the head is off and the pan is off and the oil has water in it. Check the bearings. Maybe you should replaced them. Maybe the sizes you need are what we have for your V12. In stock and only available for a limited time. Rod and main bearings in 020, both sets for only 190.00 and we throw in thrust washers for FREE. Remember, this is for a limited time only. Get them while supply lasts. One only. Standard set of rod bearings for 4.2 sedan at 30 Bucks.

Rings, not the ones you put in your nose or lips or ears or other places that even god would not look.(notice the small g) Don't want to offend anyone. Yes we have rings for the engine. Rings for 3.8 E Type in 030 for 45 Bucks. Rings for XK 150 in 040 for 45 Bucks. Rings for 4.2 E Type in std for 45 Bucks.

Brakes, brakes, and more brakes. Front pads in stock for early XJ6. Front pads in stock for later XJ6, handbrake pads for your E Type, rear pads for your 3.8S, get this, Only 20 Canuck Bucks a box. Hurry, these won't last. More brake stuff? Yes. Front caliper kit for Mark IX, does both sides, at 26 Bucks. Front caliper kit for Mark II, once again does both sides, at 41 Bucks. Rear caliper kits for XK 150, just 52 Canuck Bucks. Rear caliper kits for early XJ6 at 25 Bucks. Brake master kits for XJ6, 30 Bucks. Front caliper kits for later E Type, 35 Bucks a box. Remember these kits will do the front end. And one only, that's right, one only. Brake master cylinder, brand new, for your old MK X with a 3.8 engine. Check this out, 20, I repeat only 20 Bucks, WOW! Also, one only, front caliper piston for your Mark II, once again only 20 Bucks.

Don't want to shock anyone, but if you are playing with your electrial stuff, you may just need some of these items. All these items are the real Lucas, not that kid on that show, remember the Rifleman? Anywho, starter solenoid relay for 1971 E type at 65 Bucks. Antenna delay unit for 77 to 82 XJ6 at 57 Bucks. Warning light control for E Type, just 28 Canuck Bucks. Ignition starter lock switch for your XJ 6 at 62 Bucks. Throttle switch for XJ6 for 90 Bucks. Another relay, this one for antenna of XJS for 11 Bucks. Drive resistor for XJ6 at 39 Canuck Bucks. Ignition wire set for XJ6 for 20 Bucks. Igition wire for XJ12 for 27 Bucks. Distributor cap for XJ6 for 12 Bucks. Ignition rotor for V12 at 35 Bucks. Ignition rotor for XJ6 at 3 Bucks.

Now for the odd stuff. Pressure plate for your V12 E Type, brand new, still in box, still with the dust from the UK. At 180 Bucks. Release bearing for same, 38 Bucks. Release bearing for your 4.2 E Type, 34 Bucks. Last, the very last, not the last line but the last part. Water pump kit for your 4.2 E Type, just like the one you will need. Not 10000.00, not 500.00, not 250.00 not 100.00 but only 74 Bucks.

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MGB, MG Midget, MGA, MGTF, MGTY, MGB-GT, MGA Twimcam, MG Magnette, MGB-GT V8, MGC, MGTD, MGYA, MGK, MG1, MG J Type, MGPA, MGPB, MGTC, the MG that went very fast on the large beach somewhere in America, MG Metro M Type, 1100 MG, 1300 MG, Oh ya, the one on the beach, THE X 19, K Type. I have driven each and everyone of these cars. Oh boy, more models, ZA and ZB, Farina, All the very rare models are on display somewhere. Speaking of rare models, next is our next installment of parts and their adventure of arriving in Canada. Lets begin with Lucas stuff. The Prince of Darkness, the stuff that blows up, melts, falls off, gets kick, just don't work when you need it.

What do you need if your MG stops in the middle of the road? A hazard switch, if your MG is a MGB build from 73 to 76 we have one for the low, low price of 55 Canuck Bucks. Your MGB from 63 to 67 headlight switch doesn't work, it got laid off. Get one that wants to work for 30 Bucks. It's raining, and your wiper switch also quit. This one is for a 74 for only, 95 Bucks. Why do all your Lucas things go? Because the fuse box cover is missing. We have the 4 fuse box cover in stock at 9 Bucks. Still raining? Wheelbox box kit for late MGB for 21 Bucks.

People just can't see the side of your car in the dark? We have the side marker lens in stock. I know, it's not the lens but the bulb. But get the lens anyways. In stock at 20 Bucks a pop. Also have the front signal lens for your rubber bumper MGB at the same price. A vacuum unit, no not the one to clean your car, the one for your distributor, fits MGB 71 to 74 at 50 Canuck Bucks. More Lucas stuff. Very Early, before the sun gets up early, distributor caps for your MGB. You know, the cap where wires go in the side and are held by screws. What an idea! These are only 9 Canuck Bucks. Also have later, later than the sun goes down, Also just 9 Bucks. Need a rotor to go with that later cap? In stock, 3 large Canuck Bucks. Don't forget to replace your low tension lead of your oh so early MGB or even your your not so eary MGB. If this lead breaks, no varoom, and you always need varoom. if you got varoom, you got go! We have the varoom part at 8 Bucks a pop. You may be asking about the adventure these parts have had coming in fron the UK. What adventure? Only people and those movies with cats and dogs and other animals have adventures. Wild Kingdom comes to mind. Auto parts do not have adventures. But writing this is becoming one.

Talk about pretty parts. We have some pretty things to make your MGB a little more pretty. Some MGB's have a badge bar in the grill. We have one only with the badge with the dust from last week, because we cleaned our shop last week, for the unreal price of 56 Bucks. Also to make your Rubber Bumper MGB pretty, is the badge that fits in the bumper. 17 whole Bucks. Brand new, really, its brand new, rear bumper overrider for chrome bumper with that piece of rubber on it. Its only 33 Bucks. We have more things to make your MGB pretty but these are made from rubber. That piece of rubber that sits below the ventilator assembly, 6 Bucks. Also that piece of rubber that sits on top of the ventilator assembly, it's called the corner block seal. It's only 3 Bucks. Speaking of ventilator assembly, does your window go up and down? It does! Good, but maybe the window winder is broken. We have one in stock, once again, early B, 10 Bucks. Speaking of window going up and down, we have the outside window squeegie in stock at 10 Bucks. Last pretty thing but not for your car. It's a buckle for your belt. 1 only, only one in the building, only one within ten miles of this place. only one I have ever seen in my life. You can have this this piece of history for the low price of 17 Canuck Bucks.

Now for the good stuff. the following will not make your car pretty but I know for a fact these items will help keep your MGB going varoom. You what helps to get that varoom feeling? Yes. you guess it, a valve job! We have exhaust valves for your 65 to 67 MBG at 14 Bucks each. Also have intake valves for your 71 to 80 MGB, at 8 Bucks each. Need guides for your intake valves? In stock, at 2 Bucks each. Also, a set of valve springs for your later MGB. Wow, only 36 Bucks for the set. That works out to 4.5 Bucks each. Where can you buy spring for only 4.5 Bucks? Only from British Motor Group Ltd., that's where. As you know, when doing a valve job, you must remove the head from the rest of the bits. Maybe these bits need to be checked and maybe these bits need to be changed. We have rings in stock for your early B your middle B and your later B. These rings start at only, get this, 15 Bucks a set, and go up to the amazing price of 50 Bucks. At these prices, one should buy 2 sets! Give a set to a MGB buddy. These make great gifts. Speaking of gifts, about engine bearings. If you cannot use these during your rebuilt, drill a small hole and attach something, so your wife or better half or a very close personal mate can wear them on their ears. Thrust washers would look cool as well. Maybe even the rings could be worn this way. How much for these cool gifts? Lets start at 32 Bucks a set for the bearing, and 10 Bucks a set for the washers. Please state size of ear. Speaking of cool. We have, and I don't know how these work, those little plug type things that go in the thing in the front where you put in the water. I guess somehow these things turn on a fan, which cools the rad. In stock, one is cheap, 20 Bucks, one is not cheap, 40 Bucks. Also have the seal, its only 8 Bucks. Need a brake today? You could go to the Golden Arches or you could buy our brake kits. Brake master kits to fit 62 to 67 MGB at only 5 Bucks a pop. Brake kits for those middle years, at 12 Bucks a pop. And last, brake kits for those later years, at 24 Bucks a pop. Now thats a break, or should that be brake?

What about the clutch? What about the clutch? We have clutch kits in stock. I mean the rubber parts you will need one day. Buy them now and save time. Keep one in the glove box unless your MGB doesn't have one. Yes there are a few non-glove box MGB's out there. Just in case you need a rubber, just look in the glove box and give it to your repair man or women. Kits in stock at less than 5 Bucks a box.

Now for bits for that little brother of the MGB. The MG Midget. But wait, that should be the vertically-challenged car. Can't call anything or anyone a midget. It's just not done. But what can be done? How about a new carpet kit for your rubber bumper challenged car? In stock and is brown OK? Only 160 Canuck Bucks. Does the sun get in your eyes? Sun visors are in stock, even one of them has a mirror. Why put a mirror in a visor? Can't look at yourself while driving. But, if you need them and you do, only 28 Bucks a pop. Maybe you do not need new carpeting for your Midget (there, I said it) but you need some things to hang off the Xmas tree. We have just the stuff to hang off the tree or perhaps this will make great gifts of even party favours. Carb kits, 20 Bucks for your 150 stromberg. U bolts for the back springs, Wow, 6 Bucks each. What the heck is a tenax socket? If you know and you need them for your tree or even hang them off your ears, 5 Bucks each. Buy them all, keep them as pets. Easy to clean and look after.

The following come in small boxes, therefore you will not have to buy a lot of Xmas wrapping paper. Rear wheel cylinder kits for your 67 to 74, we have lots of these. Only 6 Bucks a box. Brake master kits, starting at 6 Bucks a kit and stopping at 10 Bucks a kit. Clutch master kits and slave kits also in stock. If you have a slave and he or she needs a kit these start at 5 Bucks and go all the way to 10 bucks. If the master needs a kit, maybe the slave can do the job. Master repair kits start at 6 Bucks and stop at 10 Bucks. Now if you want to buy the very expensive gift and you need to have a bigger box to wrap. Oil pumps for your 1500 Midget, in stock, brand new, tested for 1,000,000. miles before being sold, only 90 Bucks. Still need a bigger box to give. Ignition wires come in a large box, not TV large or washing machine large or CD player large but still large enough to get one's attention. Is 20 Canuck Bucks too much? For a gift, I think not. Need something heavy to give? Need something, they will never guess, what it is? How about a rear shock for their 64 to 77 Midget. Only one in stock and it is still brand new and we can put it a box and we can even wrap it for you at no cost, just like at Wal-Mart. Do they do that at Wal-Mart?

MGA stuff! Not much, but whatever we have, you all out there, should buy the stuff. If you own an MGA, you always need this stuff, don't you? Tie rod ends, we have too many in stock, and if car can't use them, once again, hang them from the tree. Or if your end needs a tie rod, we have those in stock. Some places sell these for a lot more than we are asking. How much are we asking? Guess! That is too high. That is closer. You are correct. Just 14 Canuck Bucks a tie. Also, in stock, release bearing for your clutch. Wow, can you believe this price? Only, only, I repeat only 10 Bucks. And this is brand new. Not brand new used. One more thing. Set of valve springs to go with that valve job. Remember the valve job. Always remember the valve job. Anyways, valve spring set for your MGA 1588 cc engine for only, 22 Bucks.

Last item. As matter of fact, this last item is really 3 items, that is there are 3 of the same thing. How about MGA stationery? Stationery. What the heck is stationery? Buy these and you can find out.

- The End -