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     Rod bearing std    VPR91048    Vanguard    Diesel 2259cc (138cu in) 23C 1956-64
     Main bearing 010    VPM 456    Velox    2262cc 1952-1957
     Head gasket    CE411    Victor    FB1500 1961-63
     Rod bearing 010    4B5121    Viva & Epic    1057cc & 1159cc
     Full gasket    FH225    various    Bedford 10 & 12 HP Wyvera 38/52 / 10 & 12 cut van 39/52
     Main bearing 010    VPM456    various    Model E Velox, Cresta / EBP, EIP Series 2262cc 1952-57 (from engine 20000)
     Main bearing 020    VPM686    various    Envoy, Sherwood, Victor 1508cc F 1957-61